The CASSAS Community pays attention to the value it gives and the respect it shows to human life in every field it works. The Community accommodates ten companies operating in different sectors, especially in the health sector; industrial production and design, special ambulance services and after-sales support, medical device supply, products to be used in the defense sector and organic agriculture. With its experience from the past in all fields of activity, it enables the formation of advanced products and innovative ideas with innovative approaches. CASSAS Group of Companies contributes to its country by producing value with its own resources, successful projects implemented at home and global project goals abroad.

Our Fields
of Business

CASSAS as a corporate group serves with ten different companies. In the health sector; it provides superstructures of armored ambulances, transport ambulances and emergency ambulances with the supply of various materials to be used in ambulances, while also providing after-sales maintenance and repair support to ambulances serving all over the country with ambulance rental service. In the defense sector; specific vehicle superstructures for use in different areas are also met. While growing olives in the agricultural sector, it is also involved in boutique architectural projects.
All companies within the CASSAS Group of Companies continue to work with an innovative vision in line with their domestic and ongoing projects, successful services and international goals.


News From Us


We took our place in the Health Industry Development Summit organized by MUSIAD Ankara on 15-16 June 2022.

15-16 June 2022

Himss Eurasia 2019

We participated in HIMMS Eurasia, an international fair in the health sector, as AC AMBULANS. Minister of Health We introduced our smart ambulances at the fair attended by important names in the sector such as Fahrettin Koca.

30 Ekim - 01 Kasım 2019

CASS Runner Gölbaşı

Rescuerunner, the world's smallest vessel at close range that can easily and safely search and rescue people in all kinds of water and weather conditions without endangering their lives, was promoted and exercised in Lake Mogan, Gölbaşı, with the participation of representatives of public institutions.

Nisan 2019

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